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Tekoa Mountain, WA | October 2021

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Decent, workable
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Beautiful hike on a pristine fall day. This summit is challenging in that there is no established trail. I parked on Irving Road to the north of the summit. From there you can continue up through the forrested section, keeping the plowed field on your right. A series of several grown over roads lead you toward the top. Total ascent was 1500', zigzagging my way through the trees on several well worn game trails. Once on top of the ridge, look for a jeep trail heading NE toward the relay tower. Eventually you'll encounter a nice gravel road which will take you to the summit.


Views from the top were spectacular. I used a throw line and found several tall trees to set up my EFHW and proceeded to make 16 CW QSOs including NH and France on the MTR. Total RT 5.4 mi, no water evident on the mountain.