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Olivia Mountain, WA | Aug 22

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Full two-way messaging

This 6-pointer is among the line of peaks which form the eastern border of the Stevens County SOTA region. It's easily accessed from Flowery Trail road off of highway 211 as are several other summits. Take FR-9518 for several miles and then FR-9517 for the final ascent. Park at 48.35545,-117.50346, on a side road off of FR-9517. Although the trail may not be apparent, several lanes of logging have left multiple paths to the summit with light or no bushwhacking required. The summit is somewhat exposed but is ringed by trees. No water apparent anywhere along the drive in or on the hike in late August. Excellent views of Calispel and other peaks, plus views into the Chewelah / Colville valley. Bear hunting in progress during my hike in late August; make noise and wear bright colors to be easily seen.