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Snow Peak, WA | 2 Sep 22

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Full two-way messaging

This was part of a two-summit dayhike to FR-002 and FR-005.

Snow Peak is a long hike but worth the effort. Park at the Kettle Crest TH along highway 20, and then cross the highway to the TH on the south side. The trail starts a slow ascent along the western slope of Sherman Peak, crossing several springs (bring water filter). At the junction of trail 13 and 72, continue counterclockwise along the base of Snow Peak until breaks in the trees allow a shallow climb towards the summit. Topo maps or GaiaGPS helped in determining the best place to climb. The remains of the White Mountain fire from 1988 are evident. I chose to achieve the false summit first and then climb the 300' remaining on the spine, with slightly easier terrain. Some boldering is required but not difficult.

The summit is mostly exposed though I did find enough trees for a throwline. I also made several 2m contacts from as far as Wenatchee on a HT. On the way down, I stopped at Snow Peak Cabin to refill water and have lunch, returning to the TH along the same route.