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Middle Chuckanut

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This is an easy summit near Bellingham, WA.  A good gravel road leads to a large parking area about 100 yards or so below the summit.  I prefer to operate from a flat rock outcropping up the hill and west of the parking lot.  There is just enough of a clearing to string up a 20 meter dipole and operate from the rock.

To get there, follow Hwy 11 (Chuckanut Drive) south out of Bellingham. In about 2-3 miles down Chuckanut Drive, look for Highline Road.  If you get to the fire station (on the left) you've gonea bit too far. Turn left on Highline Road.  It crosses the interurban trail, turns to gravel and climbs steeply to the left.  Follow this gravel road for a couple of miles until it terminates into a parking lot with an outhouse.  Grab your pack and follow the boot path that leads up the hill to the west.  The summit is just ahead.