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Sugarloaf Peak, WA

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Sugarloaf Peak is a drive-up or near drive-up to a fire lookout that is staffed in the summer.   This is an easy summit in the Leavenworth area that can be done with any medium-to-high clearance vehicle. 

The summit is on the Entiat Ridge that also includes 5221 Twin Lead Mtn (W7W/CH-206), Chumstick Mountain (W7W/CH-196), and 5774 Entiat Ridge Peak (W7W/CH-197).  All four summits can be done in one long day.  Two of the three summits (Sugarloaf and Chumstick) are drive-ups, Twin Lead is a short hike, and Entiat Ridge Peak is a short hike.   If the Sugarloaf lookout is staffed, it may be Ken (WA7KJ), who will likely chase you on other nearby summits.

There are several ways to drive up to the Entiat Ridge, but the easiest way to get to Sugarloaf Peak is to start in Leavenworth.  Take Chumstick Highway north for 2 miles to Eagle Creek Road.  Turn right on Eagle Creek Road and drive 5.5 miles to where the paved road ends, and turn left onto Van Creek (FS 7520).  Continue for 5.75 miles, staying on the main road, up to a four-way intersection with a pit toilet. This intersection is called French Corral.  Take a left at French Corral onto FS 5200 (Entiat Summit Road) and drive 5 miles to the final turn-off spur that goes 1/4 mile up to the lookout.  The lookout will be easy to see.

The spur road to the lookout is a bit rough, so consider parking on the road and hiking the 1/4 mile spur to the lookout.

There is some room to set up HF at the lookout, but it may be awkward with visitors coming and going.  An alternative is to set up below the lookout to the West, where there is plenty of room, but the terrain is a bit more difficult.