Drive to Summit

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Black Pine Ridge, Montana | September 4, 2021


Black Pine Ridge is a drive-to summit on easy Forest Service roads just outside of Phillipsburg, Montana. The last mile of the road is rocky and I advise four wheel drive for the trek. 

Getting there: From Phillipsburg, Montana travel north on highway 1 approximately 1.8 miles. Turn left onto Black Pine Road and go 2.9 miles. Take a left turn onto Forest Service Road 448 and travel 3.25 miles. Here, veer left onro Forest Service 178. Travel 6.0 miles to the summit.

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Driveway Peak, Montana July 29, 2021


Driveway Peak is a drive-to summit in the Lolo National Forest west of Thompson Falls, Montana. 

Getting there - About one mile west of Thompson falls on highway 200 take a left turn onto highway MT S-471, also known as Prospect Creek Road. Travel about 13.8 miles until you see Forest Service Road 876 on your right. Follow this 8.0 miles to the summit.

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Blind Cabin Ridge via Yamhill, Or | Feb 24 2021


Blind Cabin Ridge is a 1 pointer with few activations as of this writing. Access via Barney Reservoir may be gated, so check ahead of time. Thank you to Ryan W7RMR for his write up on the PacNW SOTA facebook group

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Patricks Knob, Montana - July 9, 2020


This is an easy drive-to summit on Forest Service roads. See link below for map of route. It will take you approximately one hour from downtown Plains, Montana to get to the summit. Four wheel drive not needed. The only downside are the large communication towers that will interfere with your transmitting. I found that if you drive to the far side of the loop road and get the towers out of sight, you can get a good signal to and from Missoula and up to Whitefish. Let me know when you plan to activate this easy one and I'll chase you as I live in Plains.

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First Butte - My First Activation


Finally got the round-tuit for my first activation.  First Butte had not yet been actiivated and looked pretty easy so off we went.  It isn't much of a hike.  There is a high clearance forest road that takes you to the summit.  Some internet sites report that the Bromas Creek approach is closed due to a washout on NFR 37.   The Forest Service has built a detour, NFR 3700-805 that is not on the FS map but connects to 3700-825.