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Mt Sylvania, OR -- Microwave Sprint Activation


Mount Sylvania is a suburban drive-up site in Lake Oswego with nearly panoramic views of the West Hills, Portland, and points eastward.  Directional antennas up though microwave bands do well at this site.  Despite its dense residential neighborhood setting the RX noise levels observed were low.  A weather station and several vertical antennas are on the summit, but I did not observe these to create any tx/rx issues on any bands I tried.

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Portland Urban S2S Party | 26-April

Spring is here and it's time to get back out there and activate. We thought it would be fun to meet up with fellow Activators and to encourage new Activators. There are a number of SOTA peaks in and around Portland and we'd like to get activators up on all of them at the same time. We could all work each other on the air and then meet up after for an 'eyeball' QSO.

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Guide to Portland Urban SOTA Summits

For those new to SOTA in the Portland, Oregon area who might be looking for some easy, one-point summits to get their feet wet - or for anyone who might want to try out new antennas or gear with less investment of time - or for a quick activation when there's a spot of dry weather, here's a guide to summits in and around the city.