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Ball Mountain, OR | Dec. 2023


Ball Mountain is a relatively easy drive-near summit in the Oregon coast range, east of Lincoln City. Your passenger vehicle will get you close to the summit, followed by a short walk and then a bushwhack, neither of which is challenging. The summit area itself is treed in with ample space to set up and plenty of trees for antennas.


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Bells Mountain WA | August 2021


Summary - The trailhead for Bells Mountain (45.79834, -122.40197) is about 45 minutes from SE Portland, the hike is an easy 650' climb on a rock-and-gravel road, and 2M contacts into Portland and Vancouver are possible with a half-wave whip. The view is open; you can see downtown Portland and with trees on the bordering the clearing, it is easy to get a wire into the air. A great "first season" summit. A Northwest Discover Pass is needed to park at the trailhead.

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Skyline Ridge (Peak 761), OR | November 2020


This is an urban park activation about thirty minutes from downtown Portland. No GPS device needed as Google maps provides good driving directions. Though you can pull off a 2M sidelwalk activation near the summit (which is on private property), a more pleasant place to operate from is Skyline Ridge Park (45.3905, -122.6634), about a half mile south. RF noise levels are high, so while a nice spot for an activation, don't expect big things on the HF bands.

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Successful 2m-FM Activation of Tiffany Mountain, Okanogan County, Washington July 3, 2016


Tiffany Mountain’s 8242 foot summit classifies it as a 10 point SOTA summit. With only a few exceptions, 10 point summits in the W7W association are technical climbs, or exposed Class 3 or 4 scrambles.

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Bend Benchmark - Short and fun early season hike near Helena


W7M/CL-194      Bend Benchmark (0.8 Miles, + 893 Ft) 

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Guide to Portland Urban SOTA Summits

For those new to SOTA in the Portland, Oregon area who might be looking for some easy, one-point summits to get their feet wet - or for anyone who might want to try out new antennas or gear with less investment of time - or for a quick activation when there's a spot of dry weather, here's a guide to summits in and around the city.