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Elk Mtn., Trail Hike in Glacier NP (3.5 mi, 3,400 ft)

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Nice Trail Hike in Glacier NP (3.4 mi, +3,400 ft)


This is a fun trail hike on the southern boundary of Glacier National Park.  This part of the Park is lightly traveled, making it unlikely that either the trail or the summit will be crowded.  We did not see anyone else during our activation.  From the small town of Snowslip, drive 1.2 miles Northeast on Highway-2 and turn left (Northwest) onto a small road.  Follow the road for about 0.5 miles and park at the trailhead.  The trail continues northwest along a two-track that ends at the rails for the Burlington Northern – Santa Fe Hi-line railway.  Cross the tracks into Glacier National Park and continue another 0.25 miles to the Fielding Patrol Cabin and the turnoff to Elk Mountain.  Follow the Elk Mountain Trail to the summit.  The treeless summit is roomy enough for most antennas and offers very nice views in all directions.