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Haystack Mountain, MT | Oct., 2016

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(2.8 miles, +2,200 feet)

Haystack Mountain is a nice hike up a well-maintained trail.  The summit is a large rockpile that has the scattered remains of an old fire lookout (“L-4” type lookout constructed in 1936 & destroyed on 1977).  Although there is room to setup on the summit rockpile, there is a more comfortable flat area about 20-feet below the summit that is well within the activation zone.  The trail may be accessed as follows:


Take the Elk Park exit from I-15 and continue north on the east frontage road (suitable for all cars) until it dead-ends.  Continue easterly through the gate about 1-mile and park at the well-marked trailhead.  The frontage road is suitable for all cars, whereas the dirt road past the gate may be troublesome for low-clearance vehicles.  Many people begin the hike from the frontage road.  The trail to the top is well maintained.