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Cruiser Mtn., MT | August, 2016

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2.9 miles, +1,500 ft, -260 ft (From Trilobite Lakes); 21.4 mile approach from Silvertip TH via Switchback Pass

Climb from the Lower Trilobite Lakes to the upper lake and continue north on the trail to the pass between Trilobite Peak and Cruiser Mountain.  Follow a surprisingly nice hikers trail up the ridge from the pass northeast to the summit.  The summit overlooks the headwaters of the Middle Fork of the Flathead to the northeast and Trilobite Peak to the west.  There are one or two nice campsites at the Trilobite Lakes.  We saw many mountain goats feeding and kicking rocks from high up on Trilobite Peak.

The area is relatively remote – we did not see anyone for about 8-days.  Cruiser Mountain is also accessible from the Teton drainage to the east, and from the Morrison Creek trailhead to the North.