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Mount Edith, MT | October, 2014

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(2 miles, +1,400 ft)

Edith & Baldy are the two most prominent summits in the Big Belt Mountains west of Townsend.  There are some backcountry lakes north of the summits that are nice camping/fishing destinations.  The two summits can be done as a double, but Baldy is probably easier from Duck Creek Pass to the north.  The ridge between the two includes some boulder fields that, while not too difficult, make the traverse somewhat slow.

Take Hwy-12 West from Townsend for 14.8 miles

Turn left & follow Cabin Gulch Road for 0.4 miles

Turn right at the fork & take NF-423 8.25 miles (2wd road open May-15 until snowed in)

Turn right and follow easy 4wd trail to trailhead

Hike on-trail to saddle, turn right and hike off-trail to summit.