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Peak 6885, MT | April, 2017

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(0.6 miles, + 560 feet)

This summit is on USFS land & is covered by the Beaverhead-Deerlodge-Central map.  The area is open to motorized vehicles on designated routes Dec.3 – Oct. 14.

The trailhead may be approached either from the north (Moose Creek / Maiden Rock I-15 exit), or the south (Melrose I-15 exit).  The northern road has two stream crossings that could be problematic during high runoff.  The road from the Melrose exit (Trapper Creek Road) is better.  I suspect that the very best access is to travel up the Trapper Creek Road to the small town of Glendale & take the dirt road north (and eventually east) from there.  I did not try this. 

I drove in from the North, and drove out using the (reversed) route description below:

From I-15:  Take Exit-93 (Melrose) & head west up the Trapper Creek Road.  Drive 3.4 miles & turn right on the 2-track.  Follow the 2-track north past the impromptu shooting range & continue north about 0.9 miles to a fork.  Continuing straight (left) heads towards the southern side of the summit (I didn’t check this out) & looks like a reasonable approach.  I turned right & continued on.  The road will cross a small irrigation ditch 2 or 3 times.  Head up Dry Hollow Gulch (NNW-ish), generally taking left-turns whenever the road forks.  The road will curve to the left (west) & go over a low pass.  W7M/BE-192 is on the left (south).  Look for the 2-track that heads partway up the north slope & park where it “T’s” off the main road.  This secondary 2-track is closed to motorized use.  The climb is straight-forward with no complications.  There are nice views of the surrounding country.

Note that the roads are 4wd, but not particularly rough or difficult.  A map is advisable.

Be sure to also activate W7M/BE-189.  You can retrace some of the previous 4wd path & get to it’s trailhead easily.