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Omar Mountain, MT | July, 2020

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19.7-miles, +4,848 ft; -1,158 ft; From N. Fork Trailhead via Dry Fork

I activated this as the fourth summit on a multi-day backpacking trip.  We camped at the mouth of Dwight Creek and climbed from there, from which the summit is a 6.5 mile on-trail hike with 3,200 feet of net elevation gain.

Hike north from the N. Fork Trailhead.  We turned left (west) on Tr. 061 (Lake Creek Trail) after about 0.6 miles to combine this summit with Spread Mountain (W7M/GA-079), but it is more direct to continue up the North Fork of the Blackfoot, and then turn left (west) up the Dry Fork after reaching the North Fork Cabin.  The trails up the North Fork and the Dry Fork are heavily used and get cleared early in the season.  Turn left (south) at Dwight Creek, cross the creek (it is a double crossing), then camp somewhere in the large sagebrush meadow area – there are many options.

The trail to the summit of Omar Mountain is lightly used, but is well defined and had been recently cleared in early July, 2020.  There are a few paths in the sagebrush meadow at the mouth of Dwight Creek.  The Omar trail can be found by staying on the Northwest side of Dwight Creek and walking towards the nose of the Danaher Mountain Ridge.  Follow the trail as it ascends briefly up the forested nose of the Danaher ridge, then levels out to contour up the ridge-side more gradually.  The views open up after about 2-miles when the trail leaves the dense forest and passes through meadows and both burned and unburned timber within the 2007 Conger Creek burn for the rest of the ascent.  A large snowbank was lingering upon the summit ridge in early July but was not steep and made for some easy walking on the day we were there.  It would be prudent to have microspikes or other traction for less optimal conditions.  The summit has great views in all directions.