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Bald Mountain, OR March 2020

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I love Bald Mountain. Not sure what it is about this gem. Maybe just like Wagner Butte and Grizzly Peak, it's a mountain I stare and gaze at frequently. It is the view from our ranch meadow (Brickpile Ranch) so again one of those mountains I wanted to hike but never did until SOTA. Each activation I have done from a different areas since it is a long summit, only once have I took the trail. If feeling ambitious I recommend doing Point Mountain or Anderson Butte same day.

From BLM 39-1-18, either coming from the Anderson Creek Rd (Section Line Gap), Anderson Butte Rd or Wagner Creek Rd take the sharp turn up Bald Mountain Spur. It will level off a bit with an opening at the unmarked trailhead (trail appears on many maps). Nice moderate climb up to the summit. I have also continued down the spur road to the left of the trailhead and just hiked up the mountain from a couple different locations, you can choose forested or open.

Pictures are from both a December and March activation. The one in March 2020 a group of us went up, me, N7HAP, K7GT, W7FZO and KJ7GFN. This was Jesse and Joell's first HF and SOTA experience.