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Dutchman Peak, OR July 2019

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Self explanatory as it is just walking up the road to the lookout , I guestimate from memory 1/3 mile walk from gate. Dutchman Peak Lookout is the last of the original cupola lookouts still in use, and is also one of the oldest, built in 1927. Outstanding views of course, and you can go into the lookout and check out some of their mapping and compassing tools. A bit steep and rocky at the top. You won't have trouble finding any spot for a pole. There are some old wooden poles up there you can prop up and use, this is what I did and sat at the porch of the lookout for seat and afternoon shade. The ground is a little harder to find a comfortable seat. There is some equipment up there, minimal if any interference. There is also a public outhouse on the road going up.

Follow any navigation/maps up to Dutchman Peak. The quickest, friendliest on your vehicle with be up Wagner Crk Rd to NF RD 22, the NF RD 20.  You will reach the gated driveway/road up to the lookout. Find parking at the roadside or there is plenty of space below if you want a little longer walk. I activated Dutchman same day as Big Red Mtn as they are not too far apart and both easy, short hikes.