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3924, OR February 2021

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Another no-name summit with a pretty good view. Takes a decent drive to get up there. Short hike up an old logging road. Some of the area is thick with Oregon grape and brush but there is a clearing that made set up easy. There may be other options further down the road to access too but I didn't explore.

Take Eastside Rd from Upper Applegate Rd. Go 2 miles then left turn at large BLM sign for Boaz Gulch Rd. Don't miss this turn! You can only enter Eastside from this side. If you travel to the very end, you go thru some tight areas that are only one directional and you will have to take a loop around on Upper Applegate to get back to the area. So if you reach signs saying the road is one lane only, turn around or you will not be able to thereafter.  After the turn on Boaz it is pretty apparent what the main road is, Neds Gulch Rd 39-3-27.1, then Upper Neds 39-3-27.2. I parked where this road crosses 39-3-26 and hiked the short walk up to the summit on the old logging road.  Since I did Baldy Peak first, I thought I could just backtrack to this summit but I was wrong, I had to go to the other side of the river and get to the start of Eastside again. Very few places the road crosses the Applegate River. de AG7GP