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Little Applegate, OR August 2022

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Don't know
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

Went to Little Applegate after Applegate. It was a jeep road the last bit on RD 4513-300, off of road 4518. I started the hike up at 42.68112, -121.70485.  There is a bit of an open path up to the summit using an old grown over road. Easy trek, about 1mi RT. The mountains around here are some of my favorite to hike because of the ground. Most everywhere is a layer of pine needles over pumice so it is like walking on a soft cushioned ground. Great for hips, knees, and back!

Easy space to set up among some rocks and big pines. If you need tracks I can send them to you for Little Applegate and Soloman.


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