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Page Mountain, OR Aug 2022

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Decent, workable
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Don't know

I did Page on my way back from Althouse and Tanner. I figured I had some time and it appeared to be a driveup. I also am in no hurry to come back to this charred land. Page wasn't as badly burned, it is basically the area they stopped the SLater Fire in 2020 from reaching into Cave Junction. The fire burned part of Happy Camp and everything inbetween.

There is a loop road of RD 48 that goes around Page but the entry at the sno park is the better route. I would take it and also come out the same side rather than going around the mountain loop, the road gets a bit rough. Page is a drive up but due to some tall grass in the road and it being quite a dry year I parked below and hiked up. Very quick activation as Maggie had had enough for the day so I didn't really have a chance to check out the mountain. It did appear on a cooler, wetter season you could drive all the way to the AZ and there is a flat with gravel piles. We needed shade so we went into the timber. Plenty of room to set up.


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