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Herschberger Mountain, OR Sept 2022

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Herschberger is a lovely little lookout that you can drive nearly to the top, all but the final stairs and a little trail. The LO is basically right in the AZ so I operated sitting in the doorway (no chairs) for shade. There is zero data at the lookout but if you step out you might get lucky. Great view of CL Rim, Thielson, Rabbit Ears and many other ridges. The lookout was open and not manned. Not sure if this is common.

Take road 6515 past Rabbit Ears until you reach Herschberger LO Rd, Rd 530. The lookout road is a little rough especially the final climb straight up over all the waterbars. High clearance a must. I did Herschberger after hiking to Weaver. This is also a great summit if you take the time to go see Rabbit Ears while visiting CLNP


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