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Schonchin Butte, CA March 2023

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We detoured to Schonchin after going birdwatching at Lower Klamath NWR and Tulelake NWR, disappointed with so few birds and little water (Tulelake dry). It took a commitment to get over the Cascades from the Rogue Valley as there is a lot of snow, but once we reached the east side, the snow was minimal.

Directions are pretty self explanatory. Parking and restroom at trailhead, trail is .75 mi up. One disappointment is there are no dogs permitted on trail. For my hike it was mostly snow, but I assume it is a well maintained trail. The lookout on top was very unique atop a spew of lava at the top of the cone. I am guessing it is manned during the fire season as it was in very good shape. I operated from the LO balcony which was a little difficult to string wire. I didn't think to pay attention to the surrounding area for operation spots for when the LO is manned.

Spectacular view and a lot of history, natural and sorrowful history, in this area. I will probably detour down to this way again when I am in the area birdwatching.


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