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Sheepy Peak, CA March 2024

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I'm not sure if Sheepy is technically "PNW" but I wanted to make sure those in the area know about this fabulous summit. It's a steep climb just over a mile up the SE ridge starting at the Tulelake NWR Headquarters-now I think Klamath Basin Refuges. It was an amazing experience of a hike with interesting plateaus and ridges and seeing and hearing plenty of songbirds, raptors, eagles, deer, etc. There is nothing to block your 360 view and it is absolutely amazing.

Lots of space and rocks to set up. I am glad I went when it was sunny but still somewhat winter day as this I am sure is rattlesnake country. I recommend sticking to my ascending track as there is a bit of a path much of the way.  I came straight down towards the basin that you will come to part way up but it was very steep and lots of scree coming down this way. The ascent up the ridge has some scrambling at the end but pretty stable.

Enjoy, this is a bit difficult of trail but worth it.


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