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South Tiger Mountain, WA | July-2012

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South Tiger Mountain is the easiest of a trio of peaks in the Tiger Mountain State Forest near Issaquah, Washington.

(Note of August 2018 - temporary closure of South Tiger Traverse - access from the north is still possible.)

I-90 Exit 25 for Highway 18 is the easiest way to reach the trailhead parking area. I've used the upper parking lot for two activations here - note that a Washington State Discovery Pass is required. There is an unattractive toilet at the upper parking lot.

The hike is perhaps two miles to the summit with about 600 feet of elevation gain. Google Earth shows the roads fairly clearly in the clearcut areas at the summit although the underbrush has grown up substantially since the photo was taken. Note that the turnoff from the main westbound road is labeled Tiger Moutain Trail (but is a logging road) and that the road goes nearly all the way to the summit - there is no need to follow the 'trail' where it  branches off the road as the trail rejoins the road near the summit. There are rough benches at the summit and a few trees for antennas if that is your deal. The views are decent and this summit has the advantage of being more "wild" than West Tiger or Tiger Mountains with their extensive repeater installations.

West Tiger Summit