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Pete's Mountain, OR | March-2012

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Decent, workable
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There's nothing particularly interesting about Pete's Mountain - it's essentially a suburban pavement activation for one point. There's no public space so one ends up standing on the public right of way a few feet from the road, pretty much in someone's front yard. I was across the street from the actual 'summit' that's in the front yard of a large house. 

Pete's Mountain is in suburban West Linn, Oregon near 1787 SW Schaeffer Road. This activation was a rematch from the weekend before when I spent an hour and a half in the snow trying to make a third and fourth contact on 2M SSB and FM. I had no luck with the small antennas so I was back again the next weekend with HF gear. The weather was much nicer than the week before, even if a bit blustery at all of 840 feet above sea level. 

I found a spot to park on SW Gregory Drive to the northwest of the summit that was about 100 feet vertical below the "peak." I used my lowest profile HF antenna - a vertical wire strung on a fishing pole for 17M with one counterpoise hung on a trekking pole. The antenna worked well enough for four CW contacts and also two Summit-to-Summit SSB contacts. 2m FM or SSB would be a better choice from this summit.

The only casualty was a SMA to BNC adapter that must have flown out of my pocket when I reached in for my cell phone. Next time I'll buy two.