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Snipes Mtn, WA | Aug-2013

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

Snipes Mountain is a fairly easy one-pointer just a short distance off I-82 east of Sunnyside, Washington. Access is by a rental car "suitable" dirt track about 1.3 miles from the West Sunnyside exit.

The road that goes near the summit would require a high clearance vehicle, and we left the rental car near the government radio site indicated by "P" in the photo below. This made for a reasonable approach hike up along the ridge road. 

Take the West Sunnyside exit from I-82 and go south to the stop sign at Gap Road. Going left here will take you to some back roads that look like driveways, but it's really a road. Using a GPS, Google Maps, or Google Earth and good sense will get you close to a place to park. 

The summit is bare and treeless - I secured the mast supporting the EFHW in one of the larger shrubs and it stayed up for the short activation. With I-82 nearby I made a call on 146.52 and got a response from someone driving by, but make the majority of contacts on 40m and 20m SSB.