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Peak 2140, OR "Back-up Plan" | Nov 2013

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Along Highway 22 between Salem and Detroit there is an easy drive-up summit. The road is passable (with some care) in a passenger car. This summit could be a  back up plan when nearby Rocky Top can't be accessed due to snow. In fact, "Back-up Plan" would be a good SOTA name for this otherwise unnamed peak.

Mill City is about 29 miles from I-5 on Highway 22. Turn north onto NE 4th Avenue in Mill City. This will turn into SE Hudel Road. After about 2.2 miles, you'll head west on Budlong Lane. About 1.6 miles later, you'll turn up an unmarked track (pictured) that will head for the summit. A good map or GPS will give you some comfort that you're heading to the right place.

There's nothing remarkable about the end of the road and the summit - no views or old growth - just a place to set up and operate radio. Enjoy.

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Vanity Naming of Peak 2140

Thanks Etienne.  New vanity name queued up for next ARM revision!  73, Guy