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Outerson Mountain, OR | June 2016

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Outerson Mountain is a practically unknown destination very near the very busy trailhead for Triangulation Peak. A short hike on an old abandoned trail will gain you the summit and fantastic views of Mount Jefferson and many Cascade Range peaks.

Proceed about 1.7 miles east of Idanha, Oregon (~Main Street) and turn north onto FS-2233. Follow the main  track of this paved road that eventually turns to a nice gravel road, suitable for any vehicle. You might make note of the signs for Timber Butte and Triangulation Peak - two other summits worth activating when you do Outerson. After about 7.9 miles, turn right (east) towards Triangulation onto FS-650. After about 1.3 miles you'll come to a junction where the right hand branch has parking for the Triangulation Peak trailhead and the left branch continues to Outerson - go about 0.4 miles to the unmarked trailhead at the wide spot near 44.7265° -121.9508°.

The abandoned trail to the lookout site starts here - look in the woods north of the parking spot. The trail appears and disappears at intervals but roughly follows the ridge (photo). There is also an old steel telephone line through the woods - if you see that occasionally you are on the right path. It's about 0.3 miles and 400 feet gained to the summit. At the summit there is the site of a lookout and a few small trees to lean an antenna pole against.


Outerson trail
Outerson Mountain summit and Mount Jefferson