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Round Top, OR | March 2016

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Spotty, may not work at all
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Spotty, may not work at all
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Good digi echos

Here's an activation on the way to the coast. There's a short hike of about 1.2 miles RT and 400 feet of gain. A GPS will be Very Handy to get you to the summit. Head out west on Highway 26 from Portland where your turn south at Milepost 38 to go 3.0 miles into the small village Timber, Oregon.

After crossing a bridge, you'll turn right onto NW Cochran Road and go about 3.8 miles to turn left onto Round Top Road (see photo below). Some GPS may have you turn a bit earlier where there is a yellow gate - the proper turn is a bit farther down the road where there's a painted orange arrow and a yellow sign on a tree labeling it Round Top Road. Note that there are red markers for underground power lines (pictured below) all the way to the summit - if you see these, you are on the right road.

Go along Round Top Road about 0.3 miles and stay on the main track by keep left here. After another 3.3 miles more you'll turn left - go another 0.3 miles and keep right 0.5 miles to a wide spot before a yellow gate (near 45.6794, -123.3646). At the gate my GPS said it was 0.5 miles to the summit, but I measured about 0.7 in Google Earth. The road makes a gradual switchback after about a quarter mile and passes a small quarry. At the top you'll find trees hiding a radio installation at the summit and plenty of room for setting up any antennas. I experience some RF interference on 2m FM from the equipment there but still had a of couple of easy contacts on that band back into metro Portland. You may want to mark where you parked with a GPS waypoint - there are several other roads you may be tempted to head down that go nowhere near your car. 

You might consider also activating nearby Giveout Mountain, W7O/NC-023 when out that way. This summit is closed when Industrial Fire Protection Levels are II or higher.


Round Top Road - Sign off Cochran Rd
Round Top Gate - Sign as of Dec 2017
Underground Power Cable - Follow These