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Le Pet du Loup, FR | May 2019

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Le Pet du Loup is a simple and easy summit in the lovely Parc Naturel du Pilat, about 45 minutes south of Lyon, France. Google Translate might let you know that "Le Pet du Loup" really does mean the Fart of the Wolf - a fun name.

We found GPS helpful, using "Chemin du Pet du Loup, Les Haies, FR.” The summit road is near the intersection of D502 and D59. There is a car park at the intersection which is the best place to leave your car. Cross D502 and walk up  Chemin de Pet du Loup past Hermitane, following the signs with a triangle and two dots. It is about 600 meters and so perhaps a 10 minute walk to reach the summit (this is not a SOTA-car summit). There is a radio tower there but we didn’t seem to have interference on HF - it was easy to string a EFHW antenna in the trees just past the tower. We didn’t try 2m. There is good 2G internet service via T-Mobile using a US SIM card.

We stayed two nights at Hermitane, a wonderful Gites du France (bed and breakfast) just a few steps away from the summit. We much enjoyed our generous and helpful hosts Gérald and Ghislaine: We had a very comfortable room and a delicious breakfast featuring local and homemade treats.

 Afterwards for dinner, there is a good and inexpensive pizza cart called Vienot Alain nearby. Go 2.2km southwest on D502, and the parking lot is just before the intersection with D59E. 


Croix Regis - Parking
Hermitane Gate
Road turns to gravel
Trail sign
RF Site