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Little Huckleberry Mountain, WA | August 2020

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Here's a nice summit with a trail to the top, about 5 miles RT and more elevation gain that you might have wanted at 1800 feet - but know that it's worth it. A bit obscure perhaps outside of huckleberry season, you might not see many folks at other times. The views of Mt. Adams are fabulous. 

Proceed east on Washington Highway 14 into the Gorge using the Columbia bridges as necessary. Close by the Dog Mountain Trailhead, turn north onto Cook-Underwood Road. Continue on Cook-Underwood Road for 5 miles, winding uphill through the small towns of Cook and Mill A before turning left onto Willard Road. After 1.7 miles, continue straight onto Oklahoma Road, entering the town of Willard. Continue about 0.7 miles through Willard.

After crossing a small bridge at the end of town over Lava Creek, turn left onto FR-66/South Prairie Rd. After about 10 miles, the pavement turns to maintained gravel. Continue for another two miles before reaching the trailhead on the right.  There is parking for perhaps seven or eight cars, if everyone behaves. There is a clear trailhead sign. 

The shady trail is lovely and may seem a bit steep in places, but remember that it's almost 1000 feet of net gain per mile. There is some down along the ridge that won't be appreciated, but...

The summit is a small bald with trees around parts of the perimeter where antennas can be rigged. There are foundations for the former lookout and some broken glass. To the south there is a USGS marker. Reach into urban areas on 2m FM may not be likely - we caught two by chance. 

Here's some info on the former fire lookout:

There is some good description at this link - note that in 2020 the encroaching thimbleberry had been cut back:,foraged%20in%20the%20forest%20here.




Trailhead sign for Little Huckleberry
A level bit of trail on the way to Little Huckleberry
Little Huckleberry Trail
USGS Marker for Little Huckleberry