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Father Mountain, OR | May 2020

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This is a bushwack - not too long - but through a cluttered forest floor with lots of vines, branches and logs to trip you up - so that you might wish it were shorter. Out of the way on the South Coast near Port Orford, it will not likely see much traffic as the relatively close by Humbug Mountain W7O/SC-192 features a nice trail all the way to the top. The forest road to Father Mountain will probably accommodate a thoughtfully-driven passenger car, but I wouldn't say it was Priusable.
Start at Port Orford, Oregon and head about three miles north on Highway 101 to Elk River Road. You'll go east on this paved road about 11 miles to an obvious right turn onto mostly graveled NF-5502. You'll find some variable gravel and dirt sections as you head generally east for about 5.8 miles. The first opening on the left you'll see is the start to your bushwack trek of about 0.6 miles - lots of room to park off the road (near 42.6791° -124.3255°). Things will start off on an abandoned road through a clearcut but will shortly turn into forested terrain as you make your way along the ridge. Use a GPS to make sure that you find the peak - the ridgeline tends to go up and down a bit.  
Trees a-plenty to tangle any antenna. Don't expect to make any 2m FM contacts from here. There is likely no cell coverage and APRS coverage is also nil - you'll need to rely on some other spotting approach.