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Goodnoe Benchmark, WA | April 2023

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

Goodnoe Benchmark is a unremarkable roadside activation - until you throw in the turbine blades whirring over your head. The summit proper is dominated by a wind turbine and the closest public place is only a fraction of a mile away - next to the gate for the property. Appropriately, the area is posted no trespassing, but there is a small pull off.

Get to Goodnoe Benchmark via I-84 and then north on Highway 97 to Hoctor Road. Go 14 miles east to the fairly obvious high point and the summit coordinates. There are powerlines and several nearby substations, perhaps the source of the high levels of RFI. Although it could be coming from the turbines themselves. We were there in a moderate wind - if no wind the RFI may not be a concern. However on 20m and 17m we had S9 noise, and made QSOs with some difficulty on 40m CW with an S5 noise level. We made a few short calls on 2m FM and worked no one - with the noise SSB would have been difficult. 

An unremarkable activation, to be considered perhaps if you were in the area headed to some more attractive destination.  

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