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SOTA Activation: South Tiger Mountain, King County, Washington - June 22, 2014

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Good, very usable
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Don't know
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Don't know

Nice Hike on warm, sunny, first day of Summer, 2014.

Easy hike, mainly in shady forest, leading to a last ascent on road and trail through a clear cut, but re-planted, summit area of South Tiger Mountain.  Unlike many other hikes in the "Issaquah Alps", this trail get relatively light use, and consequently light maintenance.  It was a little overgrown in places, with Nettles in some areas.

My wife accompanied me, as well as our Yellow Labrador Retriever "Dexter", who proceeded to find any availble mud hole to immerse himself in...

All contacts were 2M FM, with two (2) S2S contacts with K7NIT, Rachel and K7ATN, Etienne, who were activating Mount Dallas - W7W/RS-081, on San Juan Island.


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Mark, Looked like a great


Looked like a great activation. I have a plan to get up there soon.