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SOTA Activation: Timber Mountain, San Bernardino County, California - October 24, 2015

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On a recent trip to LA LA Land, to visit family, we decided to try our luck at "Glamping" (Glamor Camping) at Mount Baldy Tent Cabins, 7,800 feet elevation, below Mount San Antonio.  Also known as "Mount Baldy", 10,064 feet elevation, it is the king of the San Gabriel Mountains which tower above the Greater Los Angeles Basin.  This was the first year these tent cabins were set up and available, and we figured they would be an ideal base for some near-by SOTA Activations. We purchased a package deal, including ski lift ride up and down from the parking area at 6,500 feet elevation, to Baldy Notch, at 7,800 feet, meal tickets at the full service Notch Restaurant and two night lodging in the Tent Cabins.  This is report 2 of 3 dealing with the activation of Timber Mountain, one of the famous "Three Tee's" (only two of which are SOTA Summits).  Reports on the activations of Telegraph peak and Mount San Antonio (Baldy) are separate.

By noon on October 24, 2015, having already summited Telegraph Peak, an 8 point SOTA Summit (W6/CT-046), and successfully activated it, we set our sights on Timber Mountain, another 8 point SOTA Summit, approximately 2 miles away.  We could see Timber Mountain easily from Telegraph, but not the entire hiking route to get over to it.  Between the two mountains, the route drops steeply over 1,200 feet to the Telegraph / Timber col, before climbing back up to the summit of Timber.  The weather was warm & stable, and it was early enough in the day that we decided to keep moving.  The Three Tee's trail is generally well built, and moves through the high country efficiently.  It is also very scenic.

By 1:45 PM we had descended to the Telegraph / Timber Col, and enjoyed a wonderful lunch, packed for us by the Notch Restaurant at Mount Baldy.  This was part of our "package" of lodging at the Tent Cabins, meals and Ski Lift transportation.  It reminded us of some of the hiking and climbing adventures we enjoyed in Switzerland.

By 2:06 PM we had climbed up to the summit trail for Timber Mountain, and by 2:16 PM had reached the summit at 8,303 feet.  Knowing we had to climb up and over 2 summits on our return to base camp, we did not waste time, and got on with the Activation immediately.  Again I used only 2M FM, and did not deploy my 4 element Yagi antenna, as there were sufficient Chasers around for my quick activation.

The return trip from the summit of Timber Mountain to base camp at Baldy Notch was a little strenuous but very enjoyable, especially having activated two 8 point summits that day.  We also looked forward to a nice meal, live music and a cold beer or two back at the Notch Restaurant to round out the long day.  It was one of the famous "Moonlight Hikes" evenings at Baldy Notch Restaurant, and the joint promised to be jumping!  See:


We descended to the Timber / Telegraph Col, climbed nearly up and over Telegraph, down to the Telegraph / Thunder Mountain Col, up and over Thunder and finally down to Baldy Notch.  We reached our departure point in 8 hours 25 minutes round trip.  Generally we kept a reasonable pace, so as to preserve energy for the activation of Mount San Antonio the following day.

Again, thank you very much to the Chasers and other contacts.  I greatly appreciate each and every contact on these Activations.  I worked: KC6YPK; KK6QMS; KK6KUM; K6QCB; NG6R; and KK6HRS.