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SOTA Activation: San Gabriel Peak, Los Angeles County, California - October 31, 2015. No Tricks, Only Treat!

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A return trip to San Gabriel Peak, which I last activated on May 23, 2014.  Taking a break from babysitting duties with our grandson, we snuck away for a quick SOTA Activation, as access to San Gabriel is very easy from the Los Angeles Basin.  It is accessed from SR 2, also known as the Angeles Crest Highway.  I have described this scenic byway before, as part of Activation reports on the many SOTA Summits scattered along its 66 mile long windy pathway trough the San Gabriel Mountains and Angeles national Forest.  See:

 No Ghouls or Goblins were spotted, despite the fact that the Activation was on 10/31/15, Holloween Eve.

San Gabriel Peak is a 6 point SOTA Summit, having an elevation of 6,161 feet.  The trip is a little over 4 miles RT, with an elevation gain of approximately 1,000 feet.  Its upper sloes are exposed to the sun, so its best to climb earlier in the day, or during the spring or fall, when the air is likely to be cleaner and views better.

Once again I used only my 2M FM radio for this activation, along with the 5/8 wavelength whip antenna.  No need to deploy my 4 element Arrow Yagi antenna.  Thank you so much to all the Chasers and my contacts.  I worked: WA7EJO; KD6TAV; KM6CEM; KE6IGU; KK6MRH; N6HEG; NG6R; K6QCB; Ki6UCN; KD6AQK and KC6NDC.