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First SOTA Activation: Pyramid Mountain - Chelan County, Washington - July 23-25, 2016 - Part 4 of 4

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Chelan Crest SOTA Outing July 23-25, 2016 – Part 4.   See separate reports on PNWSOTA website with background on the entire outing and day 1 & 2 description, with 3 other First SOTA Activations. The total trip was approximately 25 miles RT, with approximately 7,000 feet elevation gain, including ups and downs in between the various peaks. This is report 4 of 4, "Pyramid Mountain".  Pyramid was the apex of our 3 day 2 night SOTA outing, both in elevation and distance from the TH.  This 10 point SOTA Summit is 8,245 feet high, and affords some fantastic view of the Central and North Cascades, Lake Chelan and Eastern Washington.

Day 3 of our outing was probably the most grueling.  It involved about 12.3 miles of travel and approximately 3,000 feet elevation gain, counting the ascent of Pyramid, and return to the TH with many up and down sections, carrying overnight packs.  The weather held, even as the white puffy clouds of morning became more pronounced, and eventually produced some nearby rain and lightning / thunder activity, just as we returned to our cars. 

There is good information on Pyramid here:

After a night in which I was plagued by swarms of mosquitos around my bivi sack, I was happy to arise early and get on with the last Activation of the outing.  Moving quickly, we were on the exposed summit by approximately 9:15 AM, and we set up quickly for the Activation.  We knew it would be a challenge for Tim, KG7EJT to work 2M FM from such a remote location.  We also knew we had quite a distance to return to the TH, so did not tarry.  Tim set up using his 4 element Yagi, and I set up for HF using my linked dipole for 20M and 40M, slung from a 25 foot carbon fiber fishing pole.  I affixed my antenna support to the foundation remnants of the lookout that was on the summit of Pyramid Mountain from 1917 to 1934.  See photos in web site, link above.  Band conditions were challenging for SSB, and in about 1:15 hours of operating time, I made 8 contacts.  I worked a mix of 40M and 20M, with a couple 2M FM contacts thrown in. 

We were reluctant to leave such a fantastic viewpoint, so hung around taking in the scenery, taking pictures, eating lunch, gazing down at Lake Chlan more than 7,000 feet below us and preparing for the hike out – which included descending to Base camp, breaking camp and hiking out to the TH up and over several high and low points.   

I worked: W7ARR; WA5POK; K7FJU; K2HZO; W7ISG; K7CAR; KC7YCX; KD7QPW.  Thank you to each and every one of my contacts. I allways value SOTA contacts, especially from such remote locals.