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Rocky Top, OR - May 2023

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May 28th, 2023.  Trip #3 up Rocky Top for me and activation #2.  But this time we were a party of 7, 5 of which were general class operators.  

This winter, the northern Cascades got significant snow, some of which still remains on the north-facing aspects into June, and Rocky Top was no different.  There was some slushy snow on the road within a 1/4 mile of the trailhead, but by the time this is posted, it'll have melted.  Nothing a competent driver in a 4x4 couldn't easily handle, though one in our party did suffer a sidewall puncture and subsequent flat.  In a convoy like ours, only a 10-minute hinderance.

The hike itself, scarcely a mile and moderate, was clear of debris and easily accomplished, delays only attributed to photo opportunities of breathtaking views and their communal appreciation.  Once atop the summit, 360 degree visibility offered up summits from Mt. Hood to the Three Sisters to include Table Rock, Mt. Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Washington, and Mt. Bachelor.  Mts. Saint Helens, Adams and Mt. Rainier were also visible, though partially obscured by distance and haze.

Sunscreen is a must as there is virtually no shade while on the trail and exactly zero shade on the summit.  Trekking poles are helpful on the sometimes slick trail, and doubled as feedpoint support when using an EFHW on this trip. 

This activation was great fun - shared amongst hobbiests of good character, enthusiasm, and similar interests.  Everyone activated the summit, utilitzing a number of antenna configurations, radios, and modes.  There was showcasing of equipment, discussion of progess on CW, band conditions, and the free exchange of this-is-what-worked-for-me amongst the hams.  Today SOTA was a shared experience that included 2 non-hams, and all the peer pressure to get licensed (er...mentoring) that they could handle.


Dave, K7RNJ

Group Photo Credit: KJ7NUY