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Horseshoe Lookout (6985), Idaho - 19July2018

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This summit is the old Horseshoe Lookout Site. It had a primitive platform on a rock pinnacle from 1921-1961. A standard L-4 structure, 1962-1983. Both structures succumbed to wildfires and were not rebuilt.  Concrete blocks from the L-4 lookout remain.  The access road, USFS #588 is 4 miles off FS #500. It is a good road and can be driven to the summit. I opted to use a bicycle the last 1.0 mile due to a steep and rocky appearing section.  You have already traveled #500 so this road will be no problem. Trees are available to hang antennas. There are rock pinnacles on the picturesque summit one which sported the original lookout platform. 

Water:  There is no water source.      

Bear Pepper Spray:  Highly recommended in all North Idaho summits. 

Maps:  US Forest Service, Clearwater National Forest information can also be obtained at the Powell Ranger Station a short distance off Hwy #12. 

Directions:  From Highway #12 approximately 27 miles west of Powell Ranger Station turn north onto Saddle Camp road, USFS #107. Follow #107 for approximately 8.75 miles to Saddle Camp junction with FS#500.  Turn east onto FS #500.  Continue up this road approximately 3.5 miles to the junction of #588 at Howard Camp.  Travel north up #588 approximately 4 miles to the summit.