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Unicorn Peak

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Unicorn Peak was a short easy climb compared to the Little T attempt the day before. It's about a 6 mile round trip with 2500 ft of elevation gain. We were on snow most of the way. The snow conditions
varied significantly. Some places were soft and we post-holed to the rocks below. A steep shady section required the use of crampons. I suspect this is the last weekend this year for a snow ascent of
Unicorn. Once the snow melts, a boulder field route is available but this is not recommended.

One of my climbing buddies made this video on the way up. It shows a bit a exposed class 3 scrambing and use of a handline:

This next one has some good shots from the summit. At 2:28 he looks around and you can see how much space there is on the summit for antennas. It looks like you could set up a Buddipole tripod as long as
you stayed out of the way of other climbers (maybe on a weekday). According to my altimeter, you could do a SOTA activation from below the scramble section. This offers more room, no roped climbing, and
you could even have a roped climber hang your antenna off the summit block:

I made one contact from the summit, AB7YL. Thanks Linda, you are my most reliable chaser! No points, but at least I got a first activation out of it and it was a great day to be climbing.


Unicorn Peak