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Mount Hebo, Oregon

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This blog entry is for those wanting to hike to the Mount Hebo summit in lieu of driving.  Drive up Mount Hebo Road from Hwy 22 approximately 4.5 miles to the Hebo Lake Campground.  There is a day use parking area at the campground with a $5 day use fee.  The Pioneer Indian Trail begins from the parking area and heads south into the forest.  The trail is well defined and meanders for 4 1/2 miles through the forest with occassional meadows to just below the Mount Hebo summit.  Don't be fooled by the historic Mount Hebo Air Force Station at a false summit.  The trail does not pass over this summit, but around the north side.

Another option would be to continue past the Hebo Lake Campground on Mount Hebo Road for another 2 1/2 miles (+/-) and park at a wide spot at the trail crossing.  This option reduces the hike to around 2 miles.