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Peak 8762, Idaho | March 2022

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

This was a winter activation and I had hoped for a one-way ride on the Pomerelle Triple Chair lift.  After an e-mail and phone inquiry I received no response. I then planned a hike from the Pomerelle parking lot along established roads to the top of the lift and then a very short hike to the summit. To my surprise, the road was open from Pomerelle for another 1/4 mile where the road ended at at pile of snow (42.32244, -113.61888).  I turned into a large gravel parking lot.  From here I snowshoed along E Howell Canyon Road to the entry of Twin Lakes Campground (42.32039, -113.62602).  Moving south, into and through the campground, along the Ski Area Boundry access road to the top of the Triple Chair Lift (42.30747, -113.61480).  From the top of the lift the hike to the summit is less than 1,000 feet.

The conditions were horrific.  It was cold with high winds. The wind must blow a lot since the snow at the summit was sporatic, a very different landscape than the deep snow on the hike up.  I was able to hunker down in the AZ behind a rock outcropping which partially blocked the winds.  As I'm finding here in Southcentral Idaho, 2 meters is not productive with no VHF contacts.  20 and 40 meters were golden.