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Hanks Peak, Nevada | September 2023

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This is one of those activations that I will most likely not repeat! The peak was first activated on 29 November 2021 by KJ7WGM along with China Mountain. The hike is a bushwhack of only .35 miles, but with 627 feet of elevation gain, half of which is through a boulder field and thick brush. The last portion is climbing up a rock/boulder wall.  It is easy enough to find a way up, but it is not what I would call easy.  The summit has 360-degree views of the north Great Basin vast emptiness. I tried a different route on the descent which added approximately a ¼-mile but bypassed all but the upper rock/boulder wall.  I would recommend using this route for the ascent. Come off the summit in a SE direction and head for the saddle between the summit a smaller summit to the south.  Then hike around the rocky summit in a clockwise direction.  There are quite a few game trails, but they come and go.  On the drive back I tried to find a better ascent route, but I think starting where described below is the best option. You can easily activate Hanks Peak and China Mountain (W7N/EN-060) in one morning.

Directions: The road is in "mostly" great condition.  There are a few places where moderate clearance is needed.  Though not Prius friendly, a Subaru Outback would have no problem. Turn East onto an unnamed road from Hwy 93 (41.65856, -114.82436). There is a right-hand turn at .35 miles and then a quick left-hand turn. After 5.66 miles from Hwy 93 turn left (North) onto another unnamed road (41.64455, -114.72846). Continue North for 3.44 miles to an intersection (41.68689, -114.71471). Turn left (West) and continue for just under 1 mile and pull off the road to park (41.69214, -114.72919). This is where I started the hike.

Hanks Peak Summit
Summit QTH
China Mountain in the Distance
GPS Tracks