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China Mountain | September 2023

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This Nevada peak was first activated on 29 November 2021 by KJ7WGM along with Hanks Peak. This is a very straight forward ½-mile hike with only 287 feet of elevation gain.  Follow the ridge line from where you park and head to a false summit.  You can walk over the summit or skirt around it on the south (recommended). The summit is very rocky and today was extremely windy.  I was able to find a rock outcropping that protected me from the wind on the NW side of the summit. There is an old fence post to attach an antenna mast to. You can easily activate China Mountain and Hanks Peak (W7N/EN-070) in one morning.

Directions: The road is in "mostly" great condition.  There are a few places where moderate clearance is needed.  Though not Prius friendly, a Subaru Outback would have no problem. Turn East onto an unnamed road from Hwy 93 (41.65856, -114.82436). There is a right-hand turn at .35 miles and then a quick left-hand turn. After 5.66 miles from Hwy 93 turn left (North) onto another unnamed road (41.64455, -114.72846). Continue North for 3.44 miles to an intersection (41.68689, -114.71471). Turn left (West) and continue, passing Hanks Peak on the left, for just under 2.31 miles and pull off the road to park (41.69776, -114.74198). This is where I started the hike. Note that the road continues for a short bit and then begins a steep drop and peters out.

Summit QTH
Hanks Peak in the Distance