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Greenleaf Peak, WA | November 2021

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On a recent Sunday, I drove up CG-2020 from Stephenson to the saddle where 2025 and 2026 split off (around 45.717500° -121.980944°) and parked on the side of the road.  From there I walked down the eastern branch of the roads that meet there towards Greenleaf Peak.  The other road that goes southeast heads towards the same direction but it seems to go down hill so I chose the other side of the ridge.

CG-2020 was in good shape with some potholes but I would recommend 4WD due to some steep portions heading up.

After about a quarter mile, you reach the electrical maintainence road that follows the power lines.  I hiked partway up the ridge and bushwacked up to the existing path.  Had I know better I would have gone all the way to the top of the ridge and picked up the path from there.  There were blue and white ribbons in the trees marking the start of the path but I didn't find those until the way down.

The hike up is relatively easy though it was somewhat slick that day.  The peak has a small area where you can operate and plenty of trees to push up a mast against or throw up a line.  On a sunny day, there should be a good view of the surrounding area.

I was able to make 4 contacts on 2m relatively quickly and considered setting up the HF rig when it started to drizzle.  I packed up and headed down rather than risk getting moisture in the rigs.  It was also rather windy up there and I started to get chilled.

If you are so inclined, this summit would pair well with Birkenfeld Mountain (W7W/LC-094) which I scouted the approach by driving up 2026 for another half mile to point where the road has a fork that goes on up to Three Corner Rock (W7W/LC-101).  However, given the weather I decided to skip that climb and return another time.  I should also mention from my trip earlier this summer that this road to Three Corner Rock becomes very washed out and is not drivable unless you have a rock-crawler.  I'm not sure how much farther you can drive up before it starts to do that since we accessed it from the north side on the PCT. Other approaches to the PCT for Three Corner Rock are Priusable.