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PEAK 6901, IDAHO, JULY 2022

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This summit is located approximately 16 miles North of Soda Springs Idaho. Take State Highway 34 north to Blackfoot Reservoir. You will need to turn to your left off of highway 34 when you see the Blackfoot North access road. This road is accessible to passenger cars. Travel west approximately 2.25 miles on this road. Watch for a fence line going up a ridge on your right. There is a place to park at 

42°55'59"N, 111°33'1"W . If you look up the hillside you will see what looks like an old start of a gated community. There are two heavy iron gates that go up a switch back road. This is private property but is not posted as of July 2022. 

  You will see a large cable fence going up the ridge, about 600 yrd., this is state owned land. If you follow the cable fence until you reach the end, ( there is a large empty cable spool). Here you will see a couple of cattle panel gates forming a triangle. Look to the west and the summit is directly across from you about 700 yards. This will be a bushwhack to the summit on state land.

Enjoy !

Bill N0DNF