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Also known as Samaria High Point. Access is gained by taking the Woodruff/Samaria exit from I-15 South of Malad ID and heading west on Woodruff Ln. This comes to a tee and becomes a good dirt road, you take a right (north), This continues for a bit then turns west again (no other option) and heads to the base of the mountain. You pass the last farm just before the base. Just after that you pass over a cattle guard and you will be on BLM land. Currently there is an information board and a parking area at the entry. Known as Gardner Canyon Rd. If you happen to have some kind of ORV, this is the place to use it. Other experienced mountain road drivers can continue on the road which is rocky further up and does have some challenges. From the information board to the summit is approximately 6 miles.

You do pass a spring with fresh water along the way, (it may be dry later in the year). The road splits at one point with an obviously downward route which you will pass and continue upwards. It will eventually lead to a little saddle after passing below the summit. There is a fence and two gates, no signs or other markers. One of the gates was open when we arrived. From this point it is a short hike and about 300 vertical feet. The hike is grassy and pleasant, many wild flowers in summer. At the top there is a benchmark. No trees, but a few rocks to support a mast.

  (Thanks to Mike-AC0PR- for the majority of the directions, they were pretty much dead on). I just added some distances.

  Sidenote- Looking West from the summit you will see a large white holding water tank on a side hill 1.5 miles away. That is W7I/SI-093, another 6 pointer.