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Huffraker Mountain, WA | Aug 2022

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This was my second time to visit Huffraker.  Last year, the property owner had closed the area due to fire danger.  This year, it was reopened.  However, last year I was able to drive all the way to the edge of Gifford-Pinchot NF and park.  This year, there was an incredible amount of blowdown that had not been cleared which added another 4 miles to this hike bringing it to overall 6.3 miles RT.  It may be that, due to the late season snow, once the mushroom pickers get busy some of the blowdown will get cleared.

We drove south from Randal on 131 which turns in to NF-25 and then picked up NF-2502 (could also use NF-2505 from the south) until it tees in to NF-2505.  That first sharp turn after that was the start of the blowdown and we park by the turn.

Reaching the end of GPNF section of NF-2505 and crossing into the private land section is where the road becomes undrivable.  We hiked along that portion of the road until it tees (46.476728, -122.005565).  It may have been possible to drive from the other side of the mountain but we didn't explore that route.  From the tee, it becomes a simple bushwack up the remaining 200' to the summit.  You could also possibly follow the road all the way to the summit but that is a quite a bit longer.

There is a nice clearing at the summit and we setup EFHW with plenty of space and made 15 QSOs in short order.