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Pine Mountain, OR | Aug 2022

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This was my second summit for the day of the Central Oregon S2S party.

I had spent the night at the Pine Mountain Observatory Campgrounds which is FCFS so get there early.  If it's full, there are dispersed locations but it's hard to find one in the pitch black dark.  The observatory requires no headlights (only running lights) at the top so take that into account.

I drove in the morning onwards on NF-2017 to a spot with a couple parking spots (43.792051, -120.925577).  From there you cross the barbed wire fence and head up the mountain.  If you bear to the right, there is a well trod path that leads upwards.  It comes and goes but generally takes you up the ridge to the summit.  You really can't get lost.  It's around a mile hike up and ~500' evlevation

At the summit, I setup EFWH antenna and worked quite a few stations on 20m and 40m before the 2m S2S party started.

After that concluded, I packed up and headed down. 

This summit pairs well with Pine Benchmark (W7O/CE-068).