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Pringle Butte, OR | Mar 2022

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Good, very usable
Data Cellular Coverage: 
Good, very usable
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APRS Coverage: 
Don't know

Following my activation of Wampus Butte (W7O/CM-095), I proceeded to the next stop on Pringle Butte.  It's only a couple miles drive to there and the summit is almost a drive up.  Google Maps gave excellent directions to the summit and I probably could have driven all the way but on the last turn up to the top there is a little bit of a washout and I decided to just hike the last 0.4 miles.  The summit has a large flat area with a turnaround.  It would likely be a nice overnight camping area though there don't appear to be any established campsites.

I again worked Greg KJ7EHA S2S on 2m and, not hearing anyone else, ran up the 20m EFHW on my fiberglass mast.  I was able to work 10 more QSOs from there and then decided to head back down.

NOTE: This summit is also within the Deschutes National Forest (K-4378) for POTA folks.