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Tumalo Mountain, OR by snowshoe | Mar 2022

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On the second day of our Bend trip, I got up early and drove up to Dutchman Flat Sno-Park just across the road from Mt Bachelor skiing.  There were a few remaining parking spaces and some snowmobilers unloading.  I started up the snowtrack over by the restrooms.  At some point, the GPS points up hill and you pick out a likely set of ski or snowshow tracks and follow it uphill.  Eventually, they all seem to lead to the summit.  There are a few orange no-motorized area signs towards the top but those were the only markers visible in the forest.  I ran across a few couples skiing their way up.  At some point the dense fog burned off and exposed the excellent views.

I made contact with Joe WB7VTY and Greg KJ7EHA on 2m and then tied my fiberglass mast to a tree and ran up the 20m EFHW to work another 12 QSOs.

Uphill time was around 90min with the downhill closer to 45min.  The distance is around 4.6 miles roundtrip.

NOTE: This summit is also within the Deschutes National Forest (K-4378) for POTA folks.